My love, I'm so sorry for being a baggage for you to carry, I'm sorry for the times that you thought I ignore you but truly I'm not. Sorry if I don't understand your point when we get arguments, for the painful words that I accidentally say to you but really I don't mean it! I'm just angry. Sorry for the  promises that I make when I am happy  but take this for granted, nonetheless, I do my very best to make those happen. For the times you think I don't care about you but in my heart I really do. Sorry If I don't know how to show my love for you the way you want. My love for you is overflowing like the water in pail when it is full, there's so much drops of water that hard to catch with these simple hands. Even how I close my hands, I still cannot hold them all. Maybe I don't know how to express this feelings in a right way but I really love you so. I'm sorry if I act like a child whose only want in life is to play, maybe sometimes I forgot that I am already a man, thanks for understanding me even I go beyond your limit. Thanks for being there for me to remind me for what I really am, for what I should be. I am happy to stay by your side for a life time, to have more moments with you, to share sweet moments and to face our problems together. To  hold still into our promises and vows. To express the God's gift in our life as husband and wife, as a partner, for richer or for poorer.
Please do extend your limitations for the kind of partner like me, I promise to you that my love and the whole I am will stay by your side forever, to grow old with you. I do love you not for the rest of your life but for the rest of mine. I love you!...

August Couple

 Naiza Anciano and Youseph Clemente

Jeff: How long did you spend time together?

Naizaalmost everyday

Jeff: Where did you meet each other?

NaizaAt the church

Jeff: How do you love each other?

Naizaso much

Jeff: What is the worst problem did you encounter in your relationship?

Naizamay flirt na gurl na papansin thru txt

Jeff: What is your message to Youseph?

NaizaStay honest and sweet to me and me also will be do the same.

Jeff: Thanks for joining for this kind of activity. Always remember that there will be times that you will feel cold to each other. Your love will be unclear and you will  think that everything is over!, there are troubles and trials that is bigger more than a flirt girl!. But don't forget your memories, the sweet moments, the promises and the dreams that you build together. Because those are the tools for you to at least bring back the love inside that once upon a time, you shared together. Always do efforts without expecting in return, never forget to tell your partner and make them feel about the real feelings inside you before the end of the day. Love each other and I hope you will be together for a life time. Stay sweet and God Bless...

It should be this way

What is the true purpose of love to everyone's life? in my own words love will complete the life of everyone, it is a wonderful gift from God. Sometimes it hurt us and make us cry and get so much pain in our hearts, but it brings happiness and undefinable feelings. It is the bridge of two hearts, the language of attachment and attractions of two people. It gives a thousand of reasons and meaning for everyone's life, the purpose of everything. The reason of living. Love is powerful, priceless!. The true love will give and give until to limit without expecting in return but you're happy and fulfilled while doing these things. It is a kind of job like doing good deeds to others which brings joy and happiness inside.
Love makes us a brand new person, better than the past. It should be always a wonderful feelings and emotion. It teach us how to sacrifice, how to forgive and to forgets.

One More Moment

Just this one moment I ask this from you,
just one more time to show you my love is true.
I will set aside all the word of anger you have said,
just grant me this last place in time before I am dead.
I will not proclaim the hate I feel inside,
let me hold you close and have you be at my side.
You left me when I needed you the most.
In tears I begged you to come just this one last time,
forget your hate and I will forgive your crime.
Take my hand like you have done before,
see into my dieing eyes and see into my heart’s core.
I have loved no other like I have ever loved you,
now life has set its stage for me and I know what I must do.
My body weakens and my spirit can now be laid to rest,
for lover, friend and mate you are the very best.
I close my eyes and whisper these last words to you,
for I have and will always love you.

Just believe!

Walang sinuman ang pwedeng magsabi kung in-love ba talaga ang tao, may mga signs pero need ng complete confirmation at isa pa nararamdaman ng partner nia!. Ang love hindi kailangan ng kontrata o ng kahit na anung documents para mapatunayan lang, sometimes you need to believe nalang sa partner mo sa mga kaya nyang sabihin sayo. Mga pangakong kahit alam nating hindi naman talaga 100% na mag-grant but at least may panghahawakan sa relasyon. Stop analyzing things, hayaan mo lang mangyari ang lahat sa kung anong dapat mangyari! I-enjoy mo yung moment na magkasama kayo. That's the magic of love, to believe even sometimes its unbelievable. Wag mong bantayan ang kilos ng partner mo! hayaan mong alagaan ka nya sa paraang alam nya. Kung meron mang dapat syang baguhin maging dahilan ka para sa pagbabago nia. Ang mahala kung ano yung nararamdaman mo. Ibigay mo lahat ng kayang mong ibigay para sa partner mo. Masasaktan ka, iiyak at darating yung time na feeling mo parang wala ng bukas pero kahit ganun masasabi mo naman sa sarili mo na nagmahal ka lang naman ng tama. Wala kang "what if", kasi alam mong binigay mo ang lahat para pagbigyan ang luho ng puso mo na hindi mo naman masisisi dahil nagmamahal...

Tunay na mahal!

Oo nga! hindi lahat ng bagay na gustuhin mo ay mapapasayo. Naniniwala ako na lahat tayo ay may nakalaan para satin, hindi lang natin alam kung kelan darating at kung papano. At minsan kailangan mong pagsikapan ito para makuha at kung talagang para sayo, magiging sayo!. Pero madalas yung mga bagay na hinahanap mo para makapag-pasaya sayo eh nasa kamay mo na pala hindi mo lang napapansin... kasi, "TANGA" ka!, oo tama TANGA ka!. Pero me pag-asa kapa kz hindi naman totoo na walang gamot sa taong TANGA, meron din pero hindi ito yung klase ng gamot na nabibili sa botika o nirereseta ng doktor. Ang tanging gamot lang sa pagka-tanga eh tanggapin mo sa sarili mo. Kasi kung alam mo na! ikaw mismo ang gagamot sa sarili mo para sa susunod na mga araw maitama mo ang mga pagkakamali mo noon. Marealize na kaya mo pa pala na maging masaya ulit sa buhay mo, na dati naging masaya ka naman sa kung anung meron ka pa ngayon. "Ang halaga ng isang bagay ay malalaman mo lang pag wala na". kaya alamin mo na ang halaga ng mga bagay na nasayo ngaun habang nandyan pa sila at nahahawakan, habang pwede mo pang mahalin at tawaging sayo.
Dahil baka dumating yung time na sobrang pagsisihan mo yung mga araw na sinayang mo na kasama pa siya. Wag mong gamitin ang pride sa relasyon kasi wawasakin lang nito ang maraming pagkakataon na sana pwede ka naman maging masaya kung nagpakababa ka para sa mahal mo, eh mahal mo naman eh. 
Papayag ka bang maging ganun nalang matapos ang lahat ng bagay na pinangarap mo noon at pinagsikapan para makuha?. Wag! kung meron pang natitirang pagmamahal dyan sa puso mo, na kahit na yung pagmamahal nayon eh kurot nalang at least kahit papano meron paring reason para kumilos ka at i-save yung kaya pang i-save. Panghawakan hanggang sa manumbalik sana yung pagmamahal na manaka-naka mo nalang nararamdaman. Marealize yung totoong value ng taong kasama mo, dahil yung taong kasama mo sya pala talaga ang nakatadhana sayo para makasama habang buhay. Umiintindi, nagmamahal at naghihintay lang sayo...

Many days of knowledge

There is many days of knowledge inside this heart of mine. A concrete love made frozen in the midst of time. This love i speak about carelessly crafting in world of chaos, exists in the linings of my lullaby to others. It just seems to be a fairytale gone and lost. Soaring high and flying low, it plays notes of melody upon this sky of blue with angelic voices singing along. The lines of gravity that love so beautiful. Soon my sky turns from blue to a gray then a black and my heart crumbles under the storm. It falls into pieces of many threats of heartache seemed so far away, but here they conquer now. Casting shadow like tumors upon the happiness i had and thrashing every bit into a hole of darkness. I see the pity on many eyes that i pass, just wanting to suffocate me into a swirling mixture of cloudness. Memories and deafening sobs of a throbbing heart. The greatest moments of time collapse upon each other and remain hidden in the overflowing closet of my lingering soul. I just created a fantasy once, Magical inside this confused mind that i used to own and now i suffer from delusional thoughts that you would be walking back into my life that once real. What remains now is the many days of knowledge inside this heart of mine. A broken love made healing by the midst of time.

by: Louie Cyril Braza Tonguia

Three Words

For all the pain I keep within,
Hiding it with fake smiles and tears of joy,
Yet the tears are of pain and my heart is nothing but dust,
Slowly being swept away each day I arise from my nightmare filled sleep,

Now everytime I hear her voice I want to die,
Because I know I'll never hear those three words again,
Yet the three words that haunt me, keep me alive,
I wish for everyday to be my last, this pain it eats me alive.

I can't stand this pain, I can't cry these tears,
I don't want to live anymore, but she keeps me alive,
My soul slowly fades each time i feel you in me,
I wish for two things, one is to die and the other is for you to be happy... 
even if you can't find happiness in me anymore...

My love for you is destroying me,
I'm feeling like a candle burning away at both ends,
Only you can douse the flames of the wicks,
I'll never say these three words to anyone else... I love you 

Reaching out

I tried to reach out and let you lift me
I lay back and I let you kiss me
But in my mind I was running in fear
I closed off my brain, couldn't let you near
And then I calmed down, opened my door
But you don't seem to want me like you did before
So yet again I've lost a chance
Again my fear has killed my romance
And so I'll sit there feeling alone
I'll text you when I'm on my way home
And hope you reply and show me you care
Tell me you wish you could have been there
Tell me you wish that I was with you
I'll smile and reply that I wish it too
Maybe I'm settling, maybe I'm cruel
But it woke something inside of me being with you
I'd give it a chance, a least have a try
Because I do actually like you, it isn't a lie. 

A dedicated love for Deokman

I was living in my own world till you came,
A woman of stranger hiding all of its pain,
An occurrence of between your life and death,
Saving you is a choice to me that is left.

I don’t know why I had done this,
This is not me; this is not what I expect
But I know for sure this time I shouldn’t miss,
This is a chance of proving myself to a bunch of heck

As days passed by of knowing and helping you,
I am always with a feeling of something new,
Something that makes me follows through
Of your dreams, your worth and missions too.

When I am with you, I can do all things with conviction,
Foolishness may include but you accept me as I am,
I maybe confused, hurt and lacks attention,
But you’re there; making me feels like a man.

But how can I ever let you know,
I am falling for you so much even so?
That I cannot be just your loving friend,
When you’re in love with someone else?

I had to try it every time,
To hide the pain I feel inside,
I know to myself I cannot lie,
The way you caress him makes me die.

I know you can’t love me I know its not now
But Ill be here for you although you can’t be mine
If loving you could make me a promise vow,
I will wait for you till d end of time.

signed: Bidam

By: Jacel Estudillo Agaser

Last Words

I'm sorry I cant be everything you want but no matter what I will always love you. I never believed love over the air but when I started to talk to you I fell started to feel things I have never felt. When I say I love you, I mean it, I swear on Gods name I love you so much I would cut 100 times for you. I never wanted you to get hurt so please don't cry over me with sorrow . when ever you feel alone you just play that song and get on with your life. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I mean that with all my heart. I will never love a girl like I love u. its amazing you have made me laugh and also blush. That's why I think I'm not good enough for u. everyday I close my eyes and tears come down to my face because I know I will never be the one you want and I will never be good enough for you . I cried so many times over you in a good way that is its so hard letting go of the one u love but u cant hold on to something forever, you see love is like a butterfly you hold it to tight it will crush, hold it to lose then it will fly free. 
Well about a week after this you would have forgotten me, but I will never ever forget you and that is a promise. I am lost without you but when I think about you I start thinking good things about life. You will NEVER EVER understand how I feel about you because I can't describe it but if there was one word to describe you that would be a gift from above. Someday I cut and thinking about life was a mess but when I talk to you. I feel like everything is going right for me. swear to me!, you will never cry over me in sorrow or think all this was your fault because nothing of this is your fault. You are always in my mind, heart and soul for ever and ever... 

By: Louie Cyril Braza Tonguia

Wonderful feelings!

When we feel a deep love to someone it is a kind of feelings that sometimes it makes us crazy. We feel happy when we are together with our love ones and having a sweet memories. It's undefinable feelings, like you are always ready to give everything to this person just to make them happy, at least to see wearing his/her smile that makes you weak while looking at and feels like every minutes you gonna die little by little. That "Hi" and "Hello" from him/her are very exciting for you to hear because it makes your day a meaningful one or at least hear his/her voice calmly whispering in your ear that brings you a sweet melody like a relaxing music that can remove stress and makes you feel well. And excited to see his/her every day's outfit. Every little things from them is will you appreciated, eyes, nose, his/her lips and the way he/she created. Sometimes just his/her presence will brings you electric ground  that running from your nerves and veins, that feels like your soul leaving your body. Those are the feelings when we are starting to fell in-love for someone.
And when you are together as a partner, it brings you a great and undefinable feelings. A feelings that can we called it as a trophy or change for the love that we gave, to be a happier person. Because feels like heaven in their arms, we want to care them as long as we can to the point that we prioritize them before our self, just to stay right beside them as a partner. And doing efforts and sacrifices that makes us happy while doing it even though sometimes it hurts but fulfilled to show everything that express the true feelings as a person who really in-love. And that's the way it should be!.

Do not be afraid to fall in-love!

Being in-love is just like putting your self into pains and hurts, it feels like dying when you got failed from it.Sometimes this love will kill you and feel like there's no tomorrow for you, there comes a times that you don't care at all even you  get so much hurt. When you get hurt because of loving someone, it's a different pain than the other wounds. because it's not like the wounds that you can suffer and act like OK, that the pain from this kind of feelings is not remediable by any medicines. But wounds can heal by the hugs and kisses from the person who cause this, one "I love you" is enough for you to feel well. Because the person who we love most is the person who can hurt us most. But in-spite of this reality, when we're in-love, do not be afraid to go through it. Do not be afraid to fall in-love in a right way. Do not be afraid to make efforts and surrender the big part of your self. Because when we're in-love we will feel happy and this happiness is undefinable. We will experience how to be cherish by someone, how to be care by our loved ones. That will be the greatest and wonderful feelings that we will ever experienced. And this feeling will be enough for us to at least make it equal between the pains and happiness that we get. All of this, being hurt and being loved, we will never experienced this all when we not allow our self to be in-love. Relationships is just like trial and error. When it fails, try again!. Open your heart to pain and surrender your self to love, when you get hurt  and it made you cry, at least you tried to make happy during those times, no regrets!

Magic of love

When you are in-love you will be surprised to know that you will do things that you have never imagined . Because it is a feeling inside of you that wants to be set free. We have our own standards and requirements for the person we want as a partner but it will be set aside and eventually will break your own rules when we feel this magical feeling to someone. We do everything just to show our feelings, just to prove our self even we look like stupid in front of people. We do our best for someone we love, because this is the " real job" of the person when in-love. And even the stiff person, they will show a part of their softness in terms of love, it teaches us how to cry even if we don't know how, teaches us how to push more just to be a better one for the one you loved and it teaches us how to be strong in the end. Sometimes you have to give up everything you have, just to owned it, even your own family, you can turn back on them if needed by instances. That's the power!, that's the magic of love that affects people. We will be weak! we will surrender our self for someone we love. But we will learn a lot of things on how to be a perfect partner although we know that there's no perfect love life, we will learn how to handle things just to save the day, we will learn how to sacrifice, how to understand those things that is hard to understand and give and give without expecting in return. This is the magic that God's gift for all of us, to be in-love...

It's enough.

Being a good partner is not the kind of job that you need to do much efforts just to please your partner. Being a partner is being there for them without doing  anything, even the rest of people that surrounds them walks out, your presence and being there for your partner  should be enough if she/he really loves you. A good partner always understands and sacrifices as long as you can and sometimes tolerate their will,  bad habits even tantrums and look like a fool in front of people.
Foolishness arises when you are in-love, even you get so much hurt. You think that there's no tomorrow for you, but still you found your self beside your partner in-spite of all. But I can't blame you, you're just in love, you're just doing like someone whose really in-love, gave them all, sacrifice, push your self to continue and find more reasons to stay. But, if you feel too much hurt and pain than being happy as a partner, then maybe its time for you to think. Maybe its enough and too much! You should know when you need to stop those foolish things, especially when everything is too unfair for you. When you are in-love you should feel the glimpse of heaven, it should be wonderful!. When you are in-love you should always feel happy although we know that we will get hurt because of all the people in this world,our partner is the one  who has the capacity to hurt us most. Fight for them when they allow you to fight for your relationship, to save what ever can be save. But if that person has already give up, why will you still?. If your partner push you away by doing stupid things, maybe this is the time for you to give up. If you are  crying a lot than wearing a smile, if you are afraid than to be proud of , why are you sill there and suffer those things that you don't deserved?. Maybe this is the time for you to wake up, let go and start to move on. Free yourself from this pain and stop sacrificing for the person who do not deserve all of this from you! that person who you thought is yours will never be yours at all this time.
Move on and let your self be out from this relationship, maybe this is not the right time for both of you to be as a partner. For now all you need is to take care a lot for your self or maybe a care from other people, but  from him/her,you have nothing to expect!.Remember, this person only asked you when they just needed you  but after that he/she ignore,they will see you as useless. Wake up!

Too much jealousy!

Bakit may mga ganung partner? masyado naman atang mahigpit dahil sa pag-seselos! o kahit anu pamang rason. Know what? kung talagang mahal ka nyan at kung talagang kayo kahit ihelera mu pa jan ang sampung Dingdong Dantes o sampung babaeng hubo't hubad sayo parin babalik yan. Hindi naman masama ang mag selos actually its a manifestation of love, natural yan! pero kung pagseselosan mu ay wala namang kabagay-bagay, like yung taong nagtanong lang at kinausap nya, naku praning ka na! wag sobra, iiwan ka nyan. At kung ibang bagay naman ang pinagseselosan mu, naku! kapraningan din yan!, sometimes you need to enjoy sa mga bagay na masaya sya. Ang partner natin hindi natin pagmamay-ari yan, nandito tayo para mahalin sila at intindihin sila as long as we can and beyond their imperfections, be the reason to their changes whatever they need to change for good. May mga bagay na nandyan na sa buhay nila bago pa man tayo dumating! kaibigan, pamilya at kung anu pang hilig nila sa buhay. Kung hindi naman masama at sobra bakit mu pagbabawalan? hindi ka naman ata napapabayaan! try to enjoy those things that your partner wants to do. Mahalin mo ang mga bagay na mahal nya, kahit partner mo yan may sariling buhay parin yan, may sariling gusto, at hindi lahat ng gusto nia gusto mo at hindi lahat ng gusto mo gusto nia din. Pag-aralan mung gustuhin ang mga bagay na gusto nya, pero kung talagang hindi kaya bilang partner intindihin mu nlng. Mag adjust ka!  Be a partner ka sa kanya. At ang partner nagtitiwala at umiintindi dahil nagmamahal. I tell you all this things kasi ikaw ang kausap ko. It should be effortless sayo ito kz mahal mo yung tao.
Too much jealous is fatal, everything too much is fatal. and sometimes it will cause a break up at lahat ng nilaan mo at binuong pangarap masasayang lang dahil sa selos. Hindi mo nalalaman na yung relationship na sobrang ayaw mong mawala ikaw na pala ang sumisira. Trust is the weapon to survive, lalo na kung long distance relationship. You should trust to your partner and surrender your heart. Masaktan ka man at least you are in the right way and you know to your self that your just doing enough to be a good and loving partner.

Start to move on

Moving on is not a one day process!. You just need to accept the reality na yung taong mahal mo e' may mahal nang iba!. Umiyak ka kahit kailan mo gustong umiyak, but know when to stop, maging masaya ka nalang at least nakasama mu cia, naranasan mong alagaan ang taong mahal mu once in your life!, na hindi nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ang iba para alagaan ang mahal nila, pero ikaw naranasan mo! kaya maswerte ka parin!. at least Meron kang memories na babalikan at mangingitian. Alam mo ang pagiging masaya ay desisyon lang ng utak, pagpa-pasyahan at paninindigan. Nagawa mo naman na maging masaya sa loob ng mahabang panahon na wala sya sa buhay mo noon, at ngayong nagpapaalam magagawa mu parin na maging masaya ngayon at sa mga susunod na araw. Sadya talagang may mga bagay na pinapangarap lang at kahit anung gawin natin hanggang pangarap lang talaga at isa sya sa mga pangarap nayon para sayo!. Bakit mo nga ba pagpipilitan ang sarili mo sa taong ayaw na sayo? make your own happiness, hindi naman lahat ng kasiyahan sa buhay sya lang ang pwedeng makapag-bigay sayo. Enjoy life lng kapatid!. choices lng yan kung gusto mung maging masaya o maging malungkot! now it's time for you to choose. ^_^

The only letter for my friends!

It was a letter for friends on my high school days.
I was on my 2nd year high school ,2001 when I met him as transferee in our school who came from a private school somewhere here in manila, if I'm not mistaken. He's name is "Gregorio Florencio". On the first day of school everything in us is on the good shots! As the days passed by, our relationship as a classmate  turned into friendship without knowing each other. Until are friendship  multiplied and became a small company and we called it SMB friends. Those members of this company got closed together and we treated each other as brothers and sisters (echos!, because I know behind those closeness there was another meaning for some members. But still it was a good bonding for us and good memories to keep!). Unfortunately, because of some circumstances this company broke in a very short period of time, yet the memories that we shared together never fades. Although we take different paths, I know that this friendship will remain forever.

Happy while doing it!

Some people says that giving all to your partner is a part of stupidity, the kind of giving that maybe there's nothing will be left for you. But this kind of love is pure and loyal, a kind of love that did not expect in return. They were also says that "love is give and take" but its not!. I should say that "love should be give and give", If you are in-love to someone just give your best by doing those efforts, some people thought that the benefit of  doing effort is for the person who will received. If you do efforts for your love ones the real benefit of those will be for you!, because you do those efforts just because your are happy while doing it, you are satisfied to love that you can give to your love one. When you really in-love give what you only can give but push more for your job well done as a partner, and that job is making your partner feel the over flowing love inside you, making them feel how they important in your life.
If you have a plan to live by them side forever and you see your self growing old with your partner, you will do efforts constantly, you will always sacrifice, and you will always give. And if early as now you do counts those efforts that you do, I tell you!, you will be get tired... Do what the person's in-love doing, be happy while doing those sacrifices and be a faithful partner.

Show what you really are!

      Don't keep feelings when you really hurts, don't simply silent if there's something really need to tell about your partner. Let your partner know how you feel, let your partner know how you really hurt in those things that made by them. Because sometimes they don't really know that they have done something hurtful for us, they not aware about our feelings. And for that matter you need to talk about this and tell exactly how you feel. Share to them what those things that can be hurtful for you. Show to them what  you really are, show to them the things that making you weak. Because if they know all of this things, they know what they need to do. They have at least an idea on how they care for you, they know what those things that make you happy,  and they are aware for those things that make you cry.
       Be open to your partner, share your day, like source of your happiness. Make a small talk that can be turn into sweet moments. Make tender and appreciate all the things in your partner, and be a reason for a change what they need to change. ^_^v


Pagibig ko!

My family that I reserved my love and time. The reason why my strength will always remain to continue my life as graveyard shift worker. Even sometimes I feel tired and sick to my daily routine over and over again. My dreams that I forced to come true no matter what. Sometimes we have an arguments and misunderstanding between me and my wife and we feel like there's no tomorrow after fight. But after that, love will prevailed to reconcile us and talk about the problem in a nice and calm way. Sometimes who is sinner is not a matter, what matters a lot is who will make a move to fix what ever need to fix, who will approach for reconciliation, who will make a move to bring back the sweetness and heat of love that still inside in our hearts.

Not an ordinary love!

September 2009,i was in school preparing for my examinations when my mother in law called me up.. i was terribly shocked when she told me that my daughter was in the hospital,and was in great pain.. she got a 2nd degree burn in her right arm.. i don't know what to do or whose to blame for what had happened.. it took her a month to get rid of those bandages she had and a day to day basis of cleaning her wounds makes me feel like hell. grabe, para aqng nauupos na kandila. The thought of pains she is ang pakiramdam na u wanted to cry, shout on somebody.. kya lang as a mother kailangan qng magpakatatag.. kaylangan mung magtapang tapangan, magbigay ng lakas ng loob sa anak mu kahit you know to urself na ikaw mismo kailangan mu ng strength to push urself..minsan tinanong q c God kung bkit kylangang mangyari yun sa anak ko,Im his servant 2 d point n khit may sakit aq or i sacrificed my tym for my family just to serve Him.. pde naman skin,why she?!
For a month, we thought, ok n coz it was almost healed but then habang tumatagal we noticed ung mga daliri nya sa kamay nya nagdikit dikit.. sabi ng mga sugeons na tumingin sa kanya, she has to go under operation to release the contructures. ilang buwan din kami nagpabalik balik s hospital to get some diagnosis,laboratory exams, clearance etc..five months after,aprill 26,2010 2mawag din ang doctor nya.. next day will be the schedule of her operation..nung nsa hospital na kami that night,akala q ok na rin lahat.. until ung mga pediatrician na tumitingin s kanya may narinig n "murmur" sa puso nya which means mlaki ang chance na hindi matuloy ang operation nya.. which means dat it might be a symptoms of some heart ailments..kailangan nya ulit dumaan ng ilang mga lab exams:, ecg, chest xray and 2 d eco.
wow.. i dont think what will come next, anu pa bang mga trials ang kaylangang suungin ng baby q? she has done nothing but to bring joy to my family.. nagiisang girl, only daughter and apo in both parties,most loved and cared,wala pa rin aqng magawa sa mga oras n un..but during those moments natagpuan q ang sarili q reading d bible,nagbabakasali.. bka my gustong iparating ang Diyos na hindi ko maintindihan.. i dont know wer 2 start so i read it from d start.. s bible ng new bible ng gideons na cnsabing ibang version sa catholics but any rate hu cares?gus2 q lang tlagang may malaman, until i found wat ive looking for..

Matthew 6:25- "der4 i say 2 u, do not worry about ur life ,wat u wil eat or wat wil drunk,nor about ur body, wat u wil put on.Is not life mor dan fud & body mor dan clothing?"
Matthew 7:7-8," Ask and it will b given 2 u,seek and u wil find,knock and it wil b opened for evey1 hu asks receives and he hu seeks finds and to him hu knocks it will b opened"
Matthew 19:26, "But Jesus looked at them and said, With men dis is imposible but with God all things are possible.."
dat night, i tried to tok to God ng sarilinan lang.. sabi q, i had no choice but to trust and believe because dats d only way dat i can do for my baby.. to pray..
April 28,nalaman n namin ung result, and u know wat? she was cleard and was re - schedule for operation the next day.
April 29,Na operahan nga xa on dat day and kahit na mejo naka2 phobia pra sa kanya ang mga turok ng injections,i thank god for wat He has done...
We stayed for ten days sa hospital at malamng ang next thing na isipin namin nun ay ang mga bills.. pero alam q , "gagawa ang Diyos". Kahit kailan Hindi xa nagkulang sa amin.. kya kahit alam qng malki na ang bills namin parang wala lang.. after nung maopearahan ang anak q, i dont think pabayaan p kami ni GOd.. with Him all things are possible.
May 6,Bago kami lumabas, halos php30,000 ang bill namin.. pero wud u beliv n we pay only for 63 pesos?haha! slamat sa mga ginamit ng Diyos, Thanks 4 d politicians, paminsan, ok din cila..
For now, nagpapagaling na baby q, at mukhang my problema,unti unting bumabalik pa rin ang pagdikit dikit ng fingers nya, pero sa mga napagdaan namin,sa tulong ng mga doctors na nagbigay ng advice and medications samin ,with God, i dont think it will be a BIG PRoblem anymore..


Tita.Badeth Aguinaldo

These children of different interest and personality,whose identity for each other never concerns anyone of them,without knowing Gods plan,was binded by their enthusiasm of joining a group, singing hymns and praise for God. It all started when the original members of the youth choir find their own path towards the calling of their life. While some get their job,others take their life on to the holy matrimony.But God never surrenders in searching for its lost sheep. Through the efforts of our beloved tita Badeth Aguinaldo whose love and sacrifices cannot be measured, the group was re organized and a new set of members were established. A group of young children ages from 8-15 were trained.
It was really a hard time for us to step in the limelight of the stage. Ha ha! Searching for the right tunes,to be harmonious and to break the wall against the differences amongst them, was not an easy job. But nonetheless,it was a wonderful blessings for us especially for me.. they had taught  me the very simple facts of life , that from simple things you can truly find happiness. In this group, I have experienced  the beautiful creation of God. Thanks!

By: Jacel Estudillo Agaser


Isang napakasakit na sitwasyon sa buhay na totoong nangyayari. Kahit na sa tingin mu na nagawa mu na ang lahat para lang mag-work! ang isang relasyong pinaglaanan mu ng panahon at pagmamahal, pero in the end sa paghihiwalay parin nauwi ang lahat. May mga bagay talaga na nakatakda lang na dumaan sa buhay natin para turuan tayo na maging mas matatag at maging better person. Naniniwala ako na isa lang itong paghahanda para sa darating na talagang magmamahal ng buong mung pagkatao, ung taong magmamahal s u ng totoo! No if! No Buts!. Nakakalungkot mang isiping mahal natin ang bagay na nagpapaalam pero wala kang magawa dahil un ang kailangang mangyari, dahil un ang nakatakda. Pero hindi pa naman katapusan ang buhay para s u! kailangan mu paring mag-patuloy at humarap sa buhay kasama ang bagong ikaw. Naging malaking bahagi man cia ng buhay mu pero ito na ang panahon para matuto kang mabuhay muli ng wala cia. Nabuhay ka naman ng matagal na panahong wala cia kaya kakayanin mu parin ang mga darating na mga bukas na wala cia. Dahil nagmahal ka, natural lang na masaktan ka at umiyak! isang araw dalawang araw at kahit gano pa katagal! Oo mahirap mag move on pero alam mu na pagkatapos ng mga panahon ng pagiyak, pagkatapos pumatak ang mga luhang yan sa mga mata mu may bagong ikaw na mabubuhay sa pagkatao mu! at darating ang araw na sasabihin mu sa sarili mu na "Ok na ko!" ng nakangiti. Darating ang araw na magiging handa ka na uli't mag-mahal! at higit sa lahat kakayanin mu na uling makita cia sa piling ng iba na hindi nakakaramdam ng kahit na anung sakit' bagkus ay magiging masaya ka nalang dahil masaya na cia'. Magpapasalamat ka na lang sa mga panahong naranasan mu na kasama cia naging masaya man o mahirap...


Isang taong nagaalay ng parte ng buhay nia, pinaglilingkuran ka ng tapat at nagmamahal ng walang katumbas!. Naglalaan ng oras at madalas ikaw ang mundong kanyang ginagawalan, lahat ng hirap at pagsisikap ay sayo nia lang iniaalay, nangangarap cia ng bukas kasama ka. Ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit cia ngumingiti, ikaw ang inspirasyon kaya cia humaharap sa buhay kahit na mahirap. Minamahal ka nia sa paraang alam nia, araw-araw ginagawa ang lahat para iparamdam sayo na mahal ka nia talga, hindi man k u madalas magkita!. Minsan may mga bagay na pinagtatalunan pero hindi papayag na matapus ang araw ng walang pagkakasunduan. Natatandaan mu ba nung mga unang araw na mainlove ka sa kanya? ung mga araw na ngiti palang nia isang magandang maghapon na para sayo kahit na kakaumpisa palng ng araw. ung mga tipong hawak palang sa kamay nia langit na para sayo, ung mga panahon na pinapangarap mu ciang alagaan at mahalin. Ang mga panahon na ginawa mu ang lahat para makuha cia at maging iyo! Yun ang mga panahon na wag mung kalilimutan kahit kailan. Minsan makakaramdam ka ng panlalamig at yung mag araw na yun ang mag magsisilbing dahilan para maramdam ulit ang pagmamahal na nahimbing lng sandali. Nag-iisa lang ang tulad nia sa mundo! wala ng iba.

A walk to remember movie is a great love story♥

A Walk to Remember is a 2002 romance film based on the 1999 romance novel with the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The movie stars Shane West and pop singer/actress Mandy Moore. The movie was directed by Adam Shankman and produced by Denise DiNovi and Hunt Lowry for Warner Bros. The novel, written by Sparks, is set in the 1950s while the film is set in 1998.

When a prank on a fellow high school student goes wrong, popular but rebellious Landon Rollins Carter (Shane West) is threatened with expulsion. His punishment is mandatory participation in various after-school activities, such as tutoring disadvantaged children and performing in the drama club's spring musical. At these functions, he is forced to interact with quiet, bookish Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan (Mandy Moore), the only daughter of their church's pastor, and a girl he has known for many years but to whom he has rarely if ever spoken. Their differing social statures leave them worlds apart, despite their close physical proximity.

This is a very beautiful love story I ever know. Even they had a different personalities and likes, Landon fall in-love to Jamie even he found out that Jamie has a leukemia and her life was near to death. In spite to her conditions Landon was decided to marry her to prove her that his love is real and pure. That his love is ready to sacrifice, he decided to stay with Jamie until the last of her breath. He wanted to be happy with Jamie through doing those efforts that really touching of Jamie's heart. Until Jamie was respond to God's call and leave Landon with her loving heart. I remember she says to Landon before shes gone. She says that "Our love is like the wind... I can't see it, but I sure can feel it".

♥♥♥Show your love to your partner, just like no tomorrow, because you'll never know how long your partner will stay with you, or maybe soon they will be gone and you don't have a chance to show how much your love her/him at all. Always practice to tell how much you love your partner and what are the promises that you can say to hold on. Keep those sweet moments. a moments that can be a tool for you to save whatever can be save when the times you feel that your love will slowly cold. Say I love you to your partner in every sweetest days.♥♥♥

Coworkers are friends

Your coworkers can be real friends, because those are the people who will always there, every time. These are people who will share your food on break time and whom you can ask for money to lend you in times of difficulties. haha! ^_^, Those people are my friends

Mga kawork ko yan dati... I miss it.. kaya lng talagang ganun ang buhay! theres a few people that just pass by in our lives' at hindi din magtatagal kailangan narin nilang magpaalam for some reasons. Kaya dapat gawin nating maganda ang mga maiiwan nating ala-ala sa kanila, itreasure natin ung mga moment na kasama natin ang barkada.. isang panahon sa buhay natin na masarap alalahanin at balikan paminsan-minsan.