6th year anniversary

Last Oct 28, 2012 we celebrated our 6th year anniversary. We have a date that night. We went to the nature church in Mary Immaculate Parish Church riding my bike. It is one of the beautiful churches in Luzon, Philippines. That night I  felt so blessed with the person beside me. I was thankful to God because he gave us a wonderful and fruitful relationship. After the mass  my wife and I went to “Aling Lucies’ pancit eatery” to buy a Halo-halo. (Actually my wife is 4 months pregnant). Going back to my story, after we bought halo-halo, we went to SM south mall here in Las PiƱas and ate in Tokyo-tokyo a tempura with rice. Unfortunately, I was the only one who enjoyed the food because  my wife  chose only what she wanted to eat .I believe its due to her pregnancy. Then, we decided to watch a movie entitled “Tiktik the aswang chronicles”, a horror? Or most likely an action movie. But it was scheduled at 9:30pm and we have one hour left to wait. We decided to go to a videoke room to sing a few songs while waiting for the movie. But because that night was already late, they were preparing to close the store and during the middle of the 1st song which my wife chose to sing, the machine shot its power down. We were both disappointed to what happened, but it’s not enough to make our date a bad one. So we just decided to wait the movie at the entrance of the cinema 3 where the movie Tiktik was scheduled to play. The story of movie is about the arrogant but simply a romantic guy who fetches his pregnant girlfriend to her parents located on a far away province. On their way,  they encountered a tribe of “Aswang” in a small  village to buy a pig to make "lechon" (roasted pig) for the coming birthday celebration of his wife and for the coming birth of his child. The Aswang’s favorite food was a new born baby, that’s why they planned to get the baby on its mother's womb. I know we are celebrating our 6th year anniversary  and we shouldn't watch that kind of movie but we both wanted to. It's not a romantic one but it was a good Filipino movie. When we decided to go home then, the entire mall was closed for it  was already past 11:00 o’clock in the evening. We spend our day and night happy together and we know that for the next years of our relationship, we will have a romantic celebration to spend with.