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Louie Cyril Braza Tonguia

Before you read this section
And tell you everything about me
I need to know if you can handle
The things I know and the creatures I see

Can you even begin to imagine
The world I constantly share
With demons inside my heart
Telling me my life will never be fair

Do you think that you can see
The bounding of my heart
To the deepest caverns of my soul
And the darkness tearing me apart

Can you see the wonder and imagination
Deep within my being slowly begin to fade
As I tell what my life is
Can you tell my heart has decayed

I'm no longer careless and free
I'm a prisoner to the ones in my head
I'm no longer the one who's living
Instead I live among the dead

Everyone looks past the heart brokenness
They look past the hurt, past the things they wish not to see
Everyone only sees the laughs and the smiles
No one pays attention to the tears, or the real me

I wrote this and showed you the real me
I told you my problems, I told you my sorrows
Even through all of my troubles the truth still stands
When I need you most, you'll forget what I said by tomorrow.

Playing PSP, PS 3, Mmorpgs, Swimming, Playing Tennis, Fiction, Romance and Suspense, Reading Novels, Blogging.

Philippine Airlines
Airline Satistician

Grad School:
De La Salle University - Dasmarinas '06BS Entrepreneurial Management
Young Entrepreneurs of Business Administration

IETI College Alabang '09
Information Technology Organization

High School:
Saint Mark's Institute '03

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Many days of knowledge
Three Words
Reaching Out
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Jacel Estudillo Agaser

wala naman aqng maxdong hobbies..reading buooks and serving god...uu, kahit my asawat anak n q,ngse2rve p rin aq at believe me dey really makes me happy and blessed..

A dedicated love for Deokman
Not an ordinary Love

Jefferson Agaser

I'm a married man with a beautiful daughter. I want to be rich because I want to help my family in so many different ways. I'm currently working in a graveyard shift now but I want to have a normal job in which I can work during daytime while having the same compensation I'm getting. hehe... I created this blog for those who wanted to fell in-love again which I always experience and to express anyone's thoughts or feelings by being one of the authors on my blog. Although I response my call as a married man and being a father at a young age, I still feel "in-love" with my wife every single day of our life. Sometimes we misunderstood each other, get arguments and hurt each other's feeling but this doesn't mean that we're not growing as lovers. I learned a lot in my life, thanks for those persons who taught me how to stand and correct my mistakes, for being the very reason of who I am right now. Thanks for these people whose always there for me. Thank God for having them!.


Karla Alarcon Asonio

activities: reading books, watching horror, action
suspense and drama movies, and OL games

school: Las Pinas College