6th year anniversary

Last Oct 28, 2012 we celebrated our 6th year anniversary. We have a date that night. We went to the nature church in Mary Immaculate Parish Church riding my bike. It is one of the beautiful churches in Luzon, Philippines. That night I  felt so blessed with the person beside me. I was thankful to God because he gave us a wonderful and fruitful relationship. After the mass  my wife and I went to “Aling Lucies’ pancit eatery” to buy a Halo-halo. (Actually my wife is 4 months pregnant). Going back to my story, after we bought halo-halo, we went to SM south mall here in Las PiƱas and ate in Tokyo-tokyo a tempura with rice. Unfortunately, I was the only one who enjoyed the food because  my wife  chose only what she wanted to eat .I believe its due to her pregnancy. Then, we decided to watch a movie entitled “Tiktik the aswang chronicles”, a horror? Or most likely an action movie. But it was scheduled at 9:30pm and we have one hour left to wait. We decided to go to a videoke room to sing a few songs while waiting for the movie. But because that night was already late, they were preparing to close the store and during the middle of the 1st song which my wife chose to sing, the machine shot its power down. We were both disappointed to what happened, but it’s not enough to make our date a bad one. So we just decided to wait the movie at the entrance of the cinema 3 where the movie Tiktik was scheduled to play. The story of movie is about the arrogant but simply a romantic guy who fetches his pregnant girlfriend to her parents located on a far away province. On their way,  they encountered a tribe of “Aswang” in a small  village to buy a pig to make "lechon" (roasted pig) for the coming birthday celebration of his wife and for the coming birth of his child. The Aswang’s favorite food was a new born baby, that’s why they planned to get the baby on its mother's womb. I know we are celebrating our 6th year anniversary  and we shouldn't watch that kind of movie but we both wanted to. It's not a romantic one but it was a good Filipino movie. When we decided to go home then, the entire mall was closed for it  was already past 11:00 o’clock in the evening. We spend our day and night happy together and we know that for the next years of our relationship, we will have a romantic celebration to spend with. 

fall in love from falling out of love!

"It is remarkable fact that while millions of men and women have no difficulty in falling in love, at least half of that number seem unable to stay in love.."
These words really shocked me and seemed to have penetrated in my whole being. At the time I have read this, I was so depressed about my relationship with my husband... He's the one that all I ever wanted ever since, yet, after years of our marriage and adjustment period, I'm still not happy with him. This is not what I dreamed of. Although he's a good man, a responsible husband and a father, I can't understand why I feel like, "I wish he was the guy I usually see on romantic movies I have watched." There are times that I wanna hear him saying how much he loved me or how do I look good in his eyes, or does he still feels the same way now as the first time when he  married me. He would say, " of course I did.....don't you know that? " words that I can't feel. I feel  very empty.. confused and a little sad. I wanna feel the spark of love that they are saying but I guess I need to do  something to make it happen. I have to find the answers to my own questions before I got drown into somebody else's arms.
Well, I guess God really heard my concerns when I happened to drop by in a bookstore. I found a wonderful book that changed my life. I learned a lot of things. Things that brought me to take a look back in the past.I was so surprised to realize that I was so wrong . All this time, I thought it was my husband's fault why I'm like this. To my belief, he's the very reason why I felt this way.. that he was the one to blame. I realized that I was so unfair. I want to be appreciated but I never did that to him. I want to hear him say how beautiful I am in his eyes but I never complimented his dashing looks. I know how the girls in his office wanted him so much, but I never saw it. I have also forgotten how he makes my heart jump whenever he holds me tight and caresses me.How he makes my day so happy for just a smile coming from him. How he laughed to my corny jokes and listened to the story of my life..how he helped me to smile when I don't feel good. How he changed my life and become a better person.How he loved me in spite of my mood swings, craziness and being a not- ideal-wife...
From that day on, I promised myself to try to look on his face and see him in a different way. I tried to look only the good things about him and not to compare him with other man in my dreams.I should be able to focus only unto him and no one else. I also tried to lessen my work load just to be with him.
At first, it was very difficult to get the same response that I wanted. It came to the point that I almost surrendered but as time goes by, he had also changed little by little and turned into a more beautiful and a lovable person. I can feel now how much he appreciates me and how he loved me so much even in our intimacy...
Truly, an agape love (selfless love) is very hard.. But the fruit of it is self rewarding..If you wanted to be loved, you must prepare yourself to be hurt and even forget yourself for somebody whom you loved. After all, happiness can only be found if you worked hard for it!!

Sino ako?

Anu nga ba ang naghihintay sakin sa dulo ng kalyeng nilalakaran ko ngayon? San ba ang punta ng mga paa ko? Lahat ba ng ito ay may halaga? Masaya nga ba mamasyal ng mag-isa? Naglalakad ako sa mahabang kalye na hindi alam ang punta'. Napansin ko nalang na ang babaeng nakita kong umiiyak kanina sa tabi ng maliit na puno ng macopa ay nasa harapan ko ulit ngayun. Umiiyak at kitang kita ang lungkot at pagdurusa. Sa di ko malamang dahilan tinanong ko siya, "bakit ka umiyak? Ano ang problema?" Ngunit tahimik lang siya at sa halip matatamis na ngiti lang ang sinagot nya sa akin. Mapanlinlang na ngiti na aakalain mong tunay. Pero ang mga ngiting iyon ay nababalot ng pait, isang ngiting nawawalan ng laya. Tumalima ako sa aking paligid, napansin ko na paikot ikot lang pala ako sa daang nilalakaran ko. Na kahit anong bilis ng takbo ang gawin ko, ganun at ganun parin ang tanawin sa paligid ko. Nakakapagod, nakakulong ako sa isang magandang mundo, punong puno ng magagandang tanawin. Mga bulak-lak, at makukulay na paru-paru ang nasa paligid. Isang mundong hindi mo gugustuhing lisanin. Ngunit sa mundong ito nagkukubli ang isang damdaming makasarili, masikip at unti unting nawawalan ng hangin. Hangin na kailangan upang mabuhay ang kahit na sinong nilalang ang mapapad-pad sa mundong ito. Kailangan ko ng lumabas upang lumanghap ng sariwang hangit. Hindi lang basta kailangan ko, kundi gusto ko! tama' gusto ko! Gusto ko nang lumabas dito. Ayoko ng maramdamang nakakulong ako. Nakakulong sa mundong noong una ay minahal ko, ngunit ngayon ay gusto kong takbuhan at  tumakas para sa kalayaan naman. 
Noong una, Masasayang tanawin lang ang nakapaloob sa mundo kung saan ako naroon. Masasayang ngiti na unti unting nilamon ng makasariling damdamin. Ngiti na ikinulong sa maliit na mundo, ngiti na hindi nasisilayan ng iba, ngiti na noong una ay totoo. Mahal ko ang mundong pinaranas mo sa akin, ngunit pano ako mabubuhay dito kung tinatanggalan mo ng hangin. Tinayuan mo ng matataas na pader, itinatago mo ako sa mundong nilikha ng iyong damdamin. Nakakapagod' paulit ulit nalang. Unti unting binabago mo ang tunay kong pagkatao, pagkatao na siyang minahal mo naman. Pagkatao na ngayon ay naghihingalo dahil sa masikip mong paghawak. Gusto ko ng kalayaan. Pwede mo naman ako mahalin ng hindi mo ko nasasaktan.
Ngayon, gusto ko nang magpaalam. Aalis na ko sa mundo mong mapanlinlang. Mahal kita ngunit hindi ko alam kong hanggang kailang masaya. Gusto ko naman huminga, babawiin ko lang and dating ako. Kung mahal mo talaga ako.. Hayaan mo naman ako magpahinga, hahanapin ko lang ang sarili ko, hahanapin ko ang nawala kong pagkatao... = (

Sino na nga ba ako???

I'm Captured

The first time I heard this song, her pictures flashed on my mind and fell in love again. I remember her smile, her laugh and the way she loves me, the way she is. It's a wonderful feeling that I don't want to lose it ever. I LOVE YOU Bee...

Stop background music first before you play this video

One of my perfect birthday

Feb 05, 2011

Yesterday, the day after my birthday, my family and I hang out together. We strolled our daughter and took her in her first experience watching a cinema. It's the walt disney movie  entitled Tangled. For me, it's my greatest experience ever, because it is also our 1st time to watch a 3D movie. It's not about the movie or watching in a 3D cinema that I really wanted. It's more about the bonding and the moment I spent together with them. It is one of my perfect birthday celebration I ever had.It's very simple yet, meaningful. Our relationship as a family is my precious treasure. I'm sharing this to you because I want to express how I felt when I am with my family. Most especially my wife. Even sometimes I don't know how to express how much she's important to me, I still want her presence right beside me. I love her the way she is. The very person who was created just for me, to live with for the rest of our life... Thank God for another precious gift...

Love even if it hurts

Love even if it hurts, Love more even if it hurts more, Love most even if it hurts most...
Until theres no more hurts but LOVE....
-Mother Theresa

When we are in love, we do things just for our loved one even if it hurts us so much. If we are giving all while it hurts, it is a sign of Love. A great love to other people or to our someone special. We forgot our selves and we put someone we love first. Because no one says that being in love is always a glimpse of heaven. No one can says that when you love, it will be an unending happiness. Of course love can hurt us the most. But true and great love will put you on the happiest place in the world. It will put you on a pedestal that you don't want to leave anymore... 
I believe that love is the only answer for a happy relationship and the secret on how to live peacefully together.So again, live and love!

Just my thoughts

           Going into a relationship or to have a partner,is like submitting yourself into pain; expect for doing more efforts and sacrifices. Sometimes you will be the one who'll fix the problems just to save the relationship even you feel like you didn’t do anything wrong as far as you know. Doing adjustments and making yourself to fit to the personality of each other is not an easy thing to do. You must be ready to serve and make yourself available for your partner when he/she needs you. You need to understand  his/her ON and OFF tantrums or “MOODY” character.

           On the other hand, the promises of love will leave you a feeling of an unexplainable happiness. Both of you will continue to make good memories and to have sweet bonding. Enjoying to hang out in different places, sharing every smiles and laughs and giving each other the sweetest words or thoughts. Being what you are without pretentions .. These are the most wonderful moments when we are in a relationship. A feeling that we will fight for just to have it and make it stay with us..

Sweet moments

Romantic lovers are having so much attachment to each other.  There are on the middle of hot romance, they always love to spend time together and have sweet moments, creating the world that nobodies there just two of them.