Just my thoughts

           Going into a relationship or to have a partner,is like submitting yourself into pain; expect for doing more efforts and sacrifices. Sometimes you will be the one who'll fix the problems just to save the relationship even you feel like you didn’t do anything wrong as far as you know. Doing adjustments and making yourself to fit to the personality of each other is not an easy thing to do. You must be ready to serve and make yourself available for your partner when he/she needs you. You need to understand  his/her ON and OFF tantrums or “MOODY” character.

           On the other hand, the promises of love will leave you a feeling of an unexplainable happiness. Both of you will continue to make good memories and to have sweet bonding. Enjoying to hang out in different places, sharing every smiles and laughs and giving each other the sweetest words or thoughts. Being what you are without pretentions .. These are the most wonderful moments when we are in a relationship. A feeling that we will fight for just to have it and make it stay with us..

Sweet moments

Romantic lovers are having so much attachment to each other.  There are on the middle of hot romance, they always love to spend time together and have sweet moments, creating the world that nobodies there just two of them.

Love is the answer

We have our own problems, different problems that sometimes the only answer is  

Change for better! learn how to adjust for your partner, because you will always different person. Have different likes and dislikes and have different definition of happiness.

Moment of depression

I'm lost of words right now. I don't even know how will I start a piece of an article that everyone can relate with my thoughts. How can I say that life is full of miracles, full of mysteries, and full of love. How can I say to you that being who you are is a gift from heaven that might someone can kill or to die for just to have a life like yours. How can I tell you that, hey! enjoy your life, be thankful for what you have right now. Dream for better and do your best just to achieve it. Because even I have a lot of questions in my mind that I don't even know what those questions really are. All I know in life is you have to allow your self to go on with the flow of life, submit your self for whatever will happen tomorrow. Enjoy for what you have and be a blessing to other people in your own ways. Love your neighbor, have concern for the interest of others. Be sensitive to the feelings of someone. And I am telling you that doing good things through your journey makes your life more meaningful. 
Sometimes there will be sad moments in our life that what all we need is to be alone and think ,reminisce the past and bring back the pain and sorrows or feel the happiness that is caused by yesterday. These moments might be helpful as a stepping stone. Use it to build a new strength and strive for more. Make a new beginning and face the reality. And to make you understand that yesterday is over, it's already been done. Whatever you have yesterday,was already gone and today is different. Don't live in the past, you need to continue your life and face the day with whole of you. Don't think of ending everything. Because still!, there are people whose waiting for you. Stand again and do steps for moving on. There are still  people, hoping and loving you continuously. Waiting for you to see your smile again and hear your laugh. Waiting for your presence and show what you really are, they might miss you so much. 
After the moment of depression don't forget to remember a thousand of reasons to smile and continue, because those reasons are just in front of you. Learn to appreciate what you have. The love you're looking for is still in your hands. Stop for a while and look for it, close your eyes and begin to feel...

Always there!

Friends are always there for us. Even we never see each other, and there are no communications at all, but when we have a chance to see each other again and bring back the old times--our friendship will grow even if times passes by. Every laugh, smile and happy moments together as friends and families will remain forever. Brothers and sisters, a friends whose sensitive of everyone's feeling. Being concerned for the welfare of everyone. Sometimes we have misunderstandings and hurt each others feelings by saying painful words and showing wrong actions or decisions, but it can be settle-out by good conversations or nice talks. Friends can fight and defend if anyone is in trouble. Can offer their hands to help everyone until their capacities. Always there to support and understand. Can show their care as a friend in times of self pity. A friend who can smile when you are happy, can laugh when you are glad and can cry with you when you are lonely. Always there to correct your mistakes, accept the whole of you are. They never put you at wrong way instead they guide you. Always there to listen to your problems. To share laughing moments together, ready to walk with you in good times even bad times. A friend who walks in when the rest of the world walks out... I miss you all!... 

Wake up!

Love is mysterious. We never know why we love someone even though he/she don't love us back!. This is the magic of love, we doing our best just for our love one. We do more extra efforts just to hook their attention, to inform to them that there's someone like us whose falling in-love. A person who can do everything. Can offer time, care, attention and love. But all of this is nothing, not enough. Even how we make perfect every efforts that we offer to our love ones, but still not effective. Even to the point that we have been forget our self. And it leave us alone with wondering, dreaming and failure. Loving in a right way is not a crime, Like to love someone without expecting in return and give and give beyond our limit. It should be this way. But know when to stop!. Because this person might not enough for the love that we can offer, and we deserve to be happy by someone's arm, we deserve to be better. 

We only need is to accept the reality that the person who we really love is not the person who meant for us. Because we never push our self to be part of their world, to be as their partner, to be as their love one; hopefully!. And because of this, we might miss the good stuff around. We never see the person like us who can offer for us what we can offer for someone. We might miss the chances or the person who really destined for us and can give what we looking for. I personally believe that every living thing in this world have their own destiny, have their own partners. 

Sometimes we need to wake up for dreaming and stop the fantasies created by our mind. Because we need to live in a real world, in reality. Don't search for the person who destined for us. Because love comes in a right way, right place and right time...

Memories of you

Sometimes I wonder if you are thinking about me. Ever since the day we have went our separate ways my life has felt so incomplete, I don't feel the same without you in my life. Things feel out of place and tend to never be right. Ever since the day I met you I've always carried a miraculous smile on my face. And now that you are gone. My smile has lost it's place. You are something special. Someone I have never met before. And the more that I think of you. I start to miss you even more. I guess I need you here by my side. To give me comfort and to make me feel whole. To bring that smile I once used to wear. To provide me with memories we both can share. I wish you were here so I can hold you in my arms. To keep you close and to keep my heart warm. You were like my angel and to me you still are. You've made me feel hope and healed my scars. Thank you for all the memories, Ms. Hello Kitty, Ice Cream, The Places, The Church, and for the unforgettable moments we shared.I just want to forget you but memories of you invade my heart...

by: Louie Cyril Braza Tonguia

Answered Prayer

Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed, to those who still love even though they've been hurt before.
These saying gave a big impact in my life. I was only 17 when I met this guy in college.  He’s 24 years old, good looking and very sweet. When he courts me, I didn’t think twice, I gave my answer to him. We’ve been so in love. I thought no one’s gonna separate us. He even asked me to marry him. But I was so young that time. He told me that he will wait for me until I reached 18, until that day came. It was a big nightmare of my life.
I have my class that day but my professor didn’t came so I rashly went out to the door and go to my BF’s pad which is only a walking distance from our school. As I reached his pad, his maid open the door for me and shocked that I was there. I asked him about my BF and she told me that he’s in the room with another girl. I hurriedly went to his room and found out that it was true. What hurts me most is that the girl he was having an affair is my best friend which is also his cousin’s girl.  It really breaks my heart. I broke up with him that day.
I thought it was the end of my life. I really love the guy but he betrayed me. I told my sister that I won’t be able to love again but she told me its part of life. You will not know what really love is when you didn’t experienced getting hurt. From then on, I know that someday, the right guy will come into my life.
After a year, I got hook on “chat world”. I had Bf’s on “chat” or “ym” but I’m not serious on it because I know that nothings serious on chat world. I was just enjoying myself for me to forget what happen. But I didn’t know that one of my Bf in chat is serious with me. One time, he surprised me in school with flowers and teddy bear. I didn’t know him until he approached me and introduced himself to me. I was so overwhelmed because he travels for two hours just to meet me in person.  I gave myself a chance to know the guy. I don’t love him but still gave him the chance to prove that he is worthy for my love.
As time goes by, I fell in love with him and didn’t expect that he will love me that much in return. I love him every single day of my life. He’s the man I’ve been dreaming of. He’s my best friend, my lover, my shock absorber, a good listener and a good adviser. He’s my everything. We've been together for 6 years now and I’m happy and contented with him although we don’t see each other that much but I know in my heart that someday, we will live our lives together.  I prayed for a long time to find someone like him. Someone willing to fight for me, someone to make me smile and someone who I know truly loves me. Now I know that I already have an answered prayer. God really knows my heart’s desire. I thank God for giving him in my life.