Love even if it hurts

Love even if it hurts, Love more even if it hurts more, Love most even if it hurts most...
Until theres no more hurts but LOVE....
-Mother Theresa

When we are in love, we do things just for our loved one even if it hurts us so much. If we are giving all while it hurts, it is a sign of Love. A great love to other people or to our someone special. We forgot our selves and we put someone we love first. Because no one says that being in love is always a glimpse of heaven. No one can says that when you love, it will be an unending happiness. Of course love can hurt us the most. But true and great love will put you on the happiest place in the world. It will put you on a pedestal that you don't want to leave anymore... 
I believe that love is the only answer for a happy relationship and the secret on how to live peacefully together.So again, live and love!

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  1. love it...thanks for sharing your awesome ideas..


When your feelings starts to overflow and you give effort and attention to someone or anything, It will be a serious issue of love.