Folded Heart

1. Fold your paper hotdog style twice (make sure to practice before using the letter).

                                         Hotdog style fold #1

Hotdog style fold #2

2. Fold these two sides together, making a rectangle half the length. This will help you avoid a lop-sided heart.

3. Fold one of these sides into the center crease, making a right angle. Note the red line of the image indicating the edge on the bottom from the center of the prior step.

Make sure you're folding up toward the open part of the hotdog

4. Make sure the side you fold that toward is the open part of the hotdog. This will help you when tucking it all in at the end.

5. Fold the other side to mirror that. This should make a triangle at the bottom with two long rectangles coming up

6. Face the folded side against the table.


7. Take one of the long rectangle flaps and fold it down and toward the outside of the triangle, so that it is right next to the long edge of the triangle

8. Repeat this on the other side to mirror what you just did.

9. Fold each of those flaps down and in to make the shape of the top of a heart.

10. Tuck those into the long edge of the triangle.

11.Tape down flaps.


  • If you find you are folding these at the wrong angles, you may need to review: what a right angle is, or what a heart looks like.
  • Don't give up, keep trying!
  • This makes a great card for a secret admirer!
  • This is a good way to say sorry to someone!
  • Good gift for someone when you are caught off guard


Don't try this the first time on the letter that you intend on giving to your friend! Use a practice piece of paper so that when you do the real thing it will be creased just right and done perfectly.

 size and paper

8.5" (21.6 cm) x 11" (27.9 cm) paper/color paper