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           Going into a relationship or to have a partner,is like submitting yourself into pain; expect for doing more efforts and sacrifices. Sometimes you will be the one who'll fix the problems just to save the relationship even you feel like you didn’t do anything wrong as far as you know. Doing adjustments and making yourself to fit to the personality of each other is not an easy thing to do. You must be ready to serve and make yourself available for your partner when he/she needs you. You need to understand  his/her ON and OFF tantrums or “MOODY” character.

           On the other hand, the promises of love will leave you a feeling of an unexplainable happiness. Both of you will continue to make good memories and to have sweet bonding. Enjoying to hang out in different places, sharing every smiles and laughs and giving each other the sweetest words or thoughts. Being what you are without pretentions .. These are the most wonderful moments when we are in a relationship. A feeling that we will fight for just to have it and make it stay with us..

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When your feelings starts to overflow and you give effort and attention to someone or anything, It will be a serious issue of love.