One of my perfect birthday

Feb 05, 2011

Yesterday, the day after my birthday, my family and I hang out together. We strolled our daughter and took her in her first experience watching a cinema. It's the walt disney movie  entitled Tangled. For me, it's my greatest experience ever, because it is also our 1st time to watch a 3D movie. It's not about the movie or watching in a 3D cinema that I really wanted. It's more about the bonding and the moment I spent together with them. It is one of my perfect birthday celebration I ever had.It's very simple yet, meaningful. Our relationship as a family is my precious treasure. I'm sharing this to you because I want to express how I felt when I am with my family. Most especially my wife. Even sometimes I don't know how to express how much she's important to me, I still want her presence right beside me. I love her the way she is. The very person who was created just for me, to live with for the rest of our life... Thank God for another precious gift...

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